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The Reading Upgrade online course, for students ages 8 to adult, teaches the basics of reading: phonics, word decoding, sentence reading and passage comprehension. This course can help students with learning differences, special needs, English learners, and adults learning to read. Learn More

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The Comprehension Upgrade online course, for students ages 10 to adult, teaches students how to understand what they read at a higher level. For students who already can read, this course covers reading textbooks, literature, and functional text. Students learn comprehension techniques, vocabulary skills, and critical thinking skills. Learn More

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Math Upgrade an engaging online pre-algebra course that covers basic math to pre-algebra and early geometry for students grades 5 to 12 and adults. Students achieve mastery through step by step lessons with learning songs and practice games. Useful for adults returning to college or preparing for exams. Learn More

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Algebra Upgrade is our newest program: an engaging online course that covers a complete Algebra 1 curriculum. This course is useful for students currently taking or preparing to take or repeat Algebra 1 or college basic algebra classes. The step-by-step lessons with practice to mastery brings algebra success to struggling students. Learn More